How do the VoIP Calling Cards work?


What is VoIP Calling Card?

VoIP Calling Cards can purchased online as Virtual Calling Card from the VoIPVoIP eShop. If you don't have high speed Internet you can sign up only for VoIP Mobile services to make low cost calls overseas from your cell phone or home at prices that can't be beat!

This service is only available to US based customers.

VoIP Mobile is also an option for all VoIPVoIP US users at home / office that allows them to use their same account via toll-free number. Now whether you're traveling, out for lunch or the internet is not available, your VoIPVoIP account will always be with you!

Making a Call

1.) Login to your account and enter up to 5 personal PINless phone numbers - your home phone, office phone, mobile phone - whatever phones you frequently use. When you dial your toll-free access number, from these numbers, VoIP Mobile will recognize you, and you will not be required to enter a PIN to make a call.

2.) To make a call use VoIP Mobile's toll-free access number, 1-877-644-VOIP

3.) Dial the number you want to call; for international calls, dial 011 followed by the country code and number, then press the # key. For domestic U.S. calls, just dial 1 + the area code and number then the # key.

Features & Benefits of VoIP Calling Card

• Bypass entering your PIN from up to 5 phones you use most often.

• Dial a pre-defined number by dialing one digit using speed dial feature

• Automatic recharge, so that you will be charged only as you use your card, and will never be cut off due to insufficient funds in your VoIPVoIP account. You can cancel the automatic recharge program at any time from member's area.

• Manage your account on-line, letting you monitor your phone usage, and change your profile.

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