Configuration Guide - Cisco ATA 186


Step 1 - Connect the ATA to your network

- Plug the cord(s) of your analogue telephone(s) on port(s) A. The left one is port-1.
- Plug a UTP Ethernet cable connected to your network (Hub, Switch or Router)
- Plug the power supply of the ATA-186 on port C and then on a power socket.

* If you have received a pre-configured device directly from VoIP, go to step 4

Step 2 - Verify the IP address of your ATA

The Cisco ATA is coming standard configured with its DHCP client enabled. A DHCP sever required in your network in order to provide it with an IP address.

- Pickup the phone connected on port 1
- Press the red-light button on the top
- Listen the voice configuration menu, and
- Enter 80# when you are prompted to "enter menu"
- Listen the IP address of your ATA

Step 3 - Use a browser to login and configure your ATA

- Open a web browser to the address: http://<IPADDRESS>/dev, where <IPADDRESS>is the IP address of your ATA-186 (found previously during the pre-configuration step 2).
- On the displayed web page set or confirm the following settings:

UseTftp 0
Dhcp 1
UID0 <YOUR account> e.g. 555xxxxxxx
PWD0 <YOUR password>
GkOrProxy sip(x)
UseSIP 1
SipPort 5060
SIPRegInterval 3600
SipRegOn 1

Press the Apply button at the bottom of the web page, and then select the Reload link at the top of the page, to reboot your ATA

Step 4 - Start using your ATA

Pick up the phone, hear the dial tone, and start dialing:

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