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In order to configure your Cisco 7960/7940 IP phone to work with your VoIP service, please follow these instructions to make the necessary configuration change(s):

In this process, TFTP Server is a required phone configuration parameter. Thus you must provide the TFTP server IP address directly to the phone by means of the TFTPServer parameter as described in this procedure.

To select a parameter, press the down arrow to scroll to and highlight the parameter, or press the number that represents the parameter (located to the left of the parameter on the LCD).

During configuration, use * for dots (periods) or press the "." soft key when available on the LCD.

During configuration:
- To enter a number, press the Number soft key. To enter a name, press the Alpha soft key.
- To enter a new value, use the buttons on the dial pad.If entering letters, use the numbers on the dial pad that are associated with a particular letter. For example, the 2 key has the letters A, B, and C. For a lowercase a, press the 2 key once. To scroll through the available letters and numbers, press the key repeatedly.
- To delete any mistakes, press the << soft key.
- To cancel all changes and exit a menu during configuration, press Cancel.

After editing a parameter, press the Validate soft key to save the value that you have entered and exit the Edit panel.

You must unlock the phone to modify the TFTP configuration parameter using the phone menus. A padlock icon in the upper-right corner of your LCD displays on the phone when the phone is locked. By default, the phone is locked.

To unlock the phone, do the following:

- Press Settings > Unlock Config. The password prompt displays.
- Enter a phone password. The phone unlocks, and the unlock icon displays on the LCD. The Unlock Config menu choice changes to Lock Config and the configuration remains unlocked while you work within it. When you exit the configuration menu, the configuration automatically relocks.

Later, to relock the phone, select Lock Config or Exit.

- Select Settings > Network Configuration. The Network Configuration menu displays.
- Select the Alternate TFTP parameter and set to YES
- Select the DHCP Enabled parameter and set to YES
- Select the TFTP Server parameter and set to the IP address of the remote TFTP server:

Select Save. The phone programs the new information into flash memory and resets.
Relock the phone.

To confirm proper download, installation and activation of the VoIP TFTP configuration file your Cisco 7960/7940 IP Phone will:

Display the VoIP logo on the LCD.
Issues dial tone once the phone is off hook or the Speaker button is depressed.
Display information once the Services button is depressed.

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