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Q : How can I see the calls history of my account(s)?
A : You can easily check your calls history under the restricted only for VoIPVoIP subscribers page "My Account > Calls History".
Under your calls history you can find all the CDRs (Calls Detailed Records) for the Dialled, Received or Missed calls of all your accounts.

Q : How do I update information on my account?
A : You can change your personal information, (billing address, contact information, shipping address, etc.) of your VoIPVoIP account, by logging in to the restricted pages only for VoIPVoIP subscribers at "My Account".
Please make sure that your billing address, including the zip code, matches the address on your monthly credit card statements.

Q : Can I change my IP phone number?
A : The 10-digit VoIPVoIP SIP number is assigned to any new VoIPVoIP subscriber at no cost, and cannot be selected. Any VoIPVoIP subscriber can also request additional phone numbers, available in more than 30 countries acquired by VoIPVoIP, at a minimal monthly fee.

Q : How do I change my username and password for accessing my account?
A : Your submitted 10-digit VoIPVoIP account number cannot be changed.
You can modify your access e-mail and password at "My Account >My Information " page.

Q : Can I add more lines to my account?
A : No, For now VoIPVoIP only allows two phone numbers to the same account.-one US number and one Internatyonal phone number. For more phone lines you will need to subscribe again for new VoIPVoIP account.


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