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Q : Do you have other calling plans?
A : No. We only have one calling plan Pay Per Call. We believe that VoIP must be the cheapest way of calling and Pay as you Go is the way it should be to save most on your phone bills. We think that other VoIP companies charge too much when they charge for the unlimited calling plans. Ehen you subscribe to an unlimited calling plan, even you might have advantage for a month or two, at the end of the year you are paying for the calls you didn't make.

Q : Is this service limited only in my country?
A : No, VoIPVoIP Internet Telephony is a worldwide service, limited only to places where Internet access is not available. Furthermore, Wireless Internet Telephony is also applicable using the technology advances of public WiFi Hotspots, connecting through your laptop or PDA while on the move. VoIPVoIP is already working to validate its VoIP services over WiFi networks and made agreements with Hotspots providers, pioneering the idea of FREE or low cost WIT (Wireless Internet Telephony). VoIPVoIP also implemented Internet Telephony over Satellite Internet connections, offering VoIP service at places where no terestrial lines are found.


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