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Q : Can I use my existing phone with my VoIPVoIP service?
A : Yes you can. Just connect your phone to one of our adaptors we offer and you have full usage and functionality. This is a popular option with many of our customers who wish to use their cordless phones.

Q : I travel a lot. Can I use my service when I am on the road?
A : Your VoIPVoIP account provides you with complete portability. Use a softphone on your laptop to log in and access your service from anywhere in the world. If you are in US you can use VoIP Mobile services calling toll-free number with your cellular phone and use your VoIPVoIP account. Or, when abroad take with you your adaptor or IP phone and connect through any broadband connection worldwide! Please remember that the quality of your service may be affected by the quality/bandwidth of the broadband connection you are using. Callers who need to reach you from your local calling area will be making local calls to your VoIPVoIP line even if you are out of town or outside the country.

Q : Will my VoIPVoIP service work with my existing home network?
A : Although VoIPVoIP does not quarantine the interoperability of equipment unknown or untested with our network, in most cases it is possible to add a VoIPVoIP adapter of IP phone to an existing home network.

Q : Can I use my VoIPVoIP service behind a firewall?
A : Yes you can. However you need to setup your firewall in order to allow incoming and outgoing traffic, to and from the IP address of your VoIP device (either your PC running a softphone, your IP phone or analogue adapter). You have to take care to allow the UDP traffic in the range of ports in which your VoIP device operates. It is recommended to consult your device or softphone user manual in order to specify the exact UDP ports.

Q : Is VoIPVoIP responsible for the quality of my Voice communication?
A : No, the VoIPVoIP network is not responsible for the quality of your VoIP communication. There are two major quality factors of your VoIP communication: 1.) The most important one is the available bandwidth and the quality of your connection to the Internet. VoIPVoIP strongly recommends the use of a broadband connection (minimum 128Kbps) for really high quality of communication. Additionally, high internet traffic use in your area may adversely impact the quality of your connection. 2.) The second factor is quality of your Soft or Hard-phone device. Softphones are affected by the functionality of the algorithms implemented in the software itself, and, notably, by the processing power of the PC where the Softphone is running (CPU, bus memory, Operating system, number of concurrently running processes, etc.). Such resource availability issues can affect dramatically the quality of a connection, particularly in non-broadband connections. When you are on a call to another VoIPVoIP subscriber the quality of the connection will be subject to the quality of the internet connections of both parties.

Q : The quality of my VoIP communication is poor. How can I improve it?
A : As a rule of thumb, first of all always consider that your resources might not be responsible for the poor quality of communications you may be experiencing. So, try to confirm with the other party/ies that both of you are in compliance with the minimum recommended for VoIP solutions. If indeed you need to upgrade your resources to achieve better communication quality, here they are some useful tips:
1. ) Upgrade your Internet connection to a broadband one with a bandwidth of at least 128Kbps.
2. ) Check for the available voice compression algorithms implemented in your Softphone, IP phone or VoIP telephone adaptor, and try to enable the appropriate ones for your type of connection. For further technical details on this matter, check our support pages, or contact us at [email protected]
3. ) Try to use any other VoIP equipment, especially the ones recommended by VoIPVoIP. Particularly, for low-end bandwidth connections or non-broadband ones, a hard-phone device can improve appreciably the communication quality.


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