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Q : I'm using more than one desktop PC for my daily tasks. Do I need multiple VoIPVoIP subscriptions and call numbers?
A : No, you don't. You just need one subscription and one call number. After that, every time you sign in the VoIPVoIP network, either using a desktop PC running Softphone, or an IP Phone, all your numbers are valid and automatically routed to your current location. It is also possible to use your individual VoIPVoIP account to sign in multiple devices concurrently. In that case, all of your connections will ring when you are called.

Q : Are enhanced features like call forward, call waiting or conference call supported by the recommended Softphones?
A : Yes they are. However, in most of the cases, the vendors do not distribute the enhanced features enabled products for free. You can contact our support team ([email protected]) describing your needs, desired features, and your budgetary expectations to obtain advise on the matter.

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