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Q: What are VoIP and Internet Telephony?
A : Voice over IP (VoIP) is a networking technology that provides the context for transmitting voice over the Internet, taking into account all the relevant requirements of real-time interactive communication to achieve acceptable voice quality. As Internet is growing worldwide and the available bandwidth increasing, The Internet Telephony expands its possibilities. Today, as broadband Internet access is a reality for more and more people around the globe, the technology of Internet Telephony is able to offer great quality of voice and enhanced communication services, at minimal or no cost.

Q : What is an IP phone (Hardphone)?
A : IP Phone is the most efficient solution for enjoying FREE or low cost Internet Telephony, either in private or professional applications. IP Phones integrate VoIP technology into a regular-like telephone handset, offering advanced communication features. Their main benefits include premium voice quality, elimination of any need for a desktop PC or other IT device or related expertise, and finally transparency from any infrastructure technology. IP Phone products vary from affordable devices for home or small office use to pricey, advanced devices for medium and large size enterprises able to support the total communication needs of an organization with enhanced business mgmt applications.

Q : How can I join the VoIP community?
A : VoIPVoIP’s mission is to bring Internet Telephony to everyone, even if one is not an Internet or PC desktop user! The easiest way to start is to visit VoIPVoIP’s web site. As a first step to join the global FREE voice Community, you will need to subscribe and obtain a VoIPVoIP account. As soon as your account is activated you can follow our simple instructions and start enjoying Internet Telephony.

Q : What is the best Internet access connection for high quality Internet Telephony?
A : Any stable, digital connection of more than 128Kbps (or 256Kbs ideally) is sufficient for excellent quality Internet Telephony. For residential users the best solution currently is the use of a cost effective DSL connection. This will allow Internet calls with quality levels similar, or better that those of a regular telephone connection.

Q : I travel regularly to several countries. How can I use the VoIPVoIP service from different locations around the globe?
A : If you are already a VoIPVoIP subscriber, you only need an Internet connection (preferably a broadband one) and a Softphone running in your laptop, PDA, or desktop you can access. Sign in to VoIPVoIP network and your will be ready to make, receive calls, or check your voicemail. Additionally, VoIPVoIP is planning two more services for frequent travelers. First, we are working on special agreements with the best known hotel and accommodation providers worldwide in order to deploy IP phone based VoIP services for their customers. In this case, a subscriber will only need to log in from the IP phone in his/her hotel room in order to make, receive calls, check voicemail, organize or participate in conference call bridges, etc., over VoIPVoIP’s network. Secondly, we aim to provide Internet Telephony through any Internet access point, like Internet Cafés, Public Libraries, Internet Kiosks, by implementing Web-based applications, executable by any script-enable Web browser. In this manner, any VoIPVoIP subscriber or Internet surfer (even if she/he is not subscribed to VoIPVoIP) would be able to call for FREE any VoIPVoIP subscriber from any place around the world, even without access to her\his own PC and Softphone application.

Q : What is a Softphone?
A : Softphone is a software application running on Desktop, Laptop or Pocket PC devices enabling easy-to-use telephony environment for initiating or receiving calls either over the public Internet, or inside a private enterprise network. In this way, you can easily convert your PC to a powerful "virtual" telephone device. Softphones vary from entry level applications with limited telephony features to highly sophisticated applications with plenty of advanced options for implementing powerful software based real-time communication centers.

Q : What is the best Softphone in the market?
A : That's difficult to say. VoIPVoIP associates & working groups are continuously evaluating new Softphone products to propose to our service users. In the VoIPVoIP web site you will find relevant pages introducing and recommending several feature-rich products. Those pages will be updated regularly based on the introduction of new products -or product updates, information published by the developers, our internal assessment, and VoIPVoIP users' evaluations.

Q : Is it possible for anyone who doesn't have a PC to join VoIPVoIP Internet Telephony?
A : Yes it is. However, you will need to acquire a low cost broadband Internet connection. Furthermore, you’ll have to obtain an IP Phone or an Analogue Terminal Adapter for regular phones. You will then be ready to make or receive calls to or from any other VoIPVoIP subscriber around the globe at no cost. Optionally, you can call any regular telephone line in the world, using the gateway services of VoIPVoIP wholesale partners.

Q : What is an Analogue Terminal Adapter (ATA) for regular phones?
A : VoIP Analogue Terminal Adapters (ATA) are hardware devices that act as a Gateway between analogue devices (regular headphones, cordless phones, or fax machines) and any data network or Internet link, allowing them to place or receive FREE or low cost calls over a private Intranet or the public Internet. ATAs are the most suitable solution for residential users that have limited or no experience in using Desktop PCs. They can be used jointly with a regular cordless phone, offering maximum functionality, sharp quality, and no or limited cost to the end user. ATAs could also be used by small enterprises that would like to implement a low budget solution to integrate Voice and Data services using their existing LAN infrastructure and Internet access.

Q : What are the benefits using an IP phone or ATA for regular phones, compared to a Softphone desktop application?
A : The main benefits of a "hardphone" device as compared to a Softphone application are:
1.) State of the art quality of Voice communications without reliance on, or interference from a PC.
2.) Ultimate transparency of the VoIP communication process to the end user; one doesn’t need to be familiar with PCs, Operating systems, Software installation & configuration, or IT troubleshooting; just pick-up the phone and call.
3.) IP phones or ATA devices dedicated to voice calls are always at a ready-to-use status; you don't have to wait for your PC to boot and load software in order to make a call, or to keep your PC always on in order to be able to receive calls.
4.) Portability; you can easily move these devices and plug them to different rooms in your home (or even when you are away on business or holidays).
5.) Cost; the total cost of IP device based solution is smaller than that of a PC only used for VoIP communication

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