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Q : Can I choose my unique call number(s)?
A : The 10-digit VoIPVoIP number is assigned to any new VoIPVoIP subscriber at no cost, and cannot be selected. Moreover, any VoIPVoIP subscriber can request additional US phone number or numbers from many countries, and although you can select the area code of your choice, you cannot selectunique call number.

Q : How much do I have to pay in order to make or receive VoIP calls?
A : In order to call any other VoIPVoIP subscriber, you pay absolutely NOTHING. If you decide to use a Softphone which will be running on your desktop or laptop personal computer you can download one for FREE at VoIPVoIP’s web site. However, if you would like to have the use of advanced telephony features such as multiple lines, conference call capability, etc., you could buy a reasonably priced professional Softphone. The final cost depends on the product or the vendor (you can check on this contacting [email protected] for any additional information about commercial products). Finally, you have to take into account the cost of an Internet connection (although this may already be included in your monthly budget.) VoIPVoIP strongly recommends the use of a broadband Internet connection, of at least 128Kbps (for both upstream & downstream) priced at a fixed monthly rate. In that way, you have 24/7 connectivity to the Internet and you can also easily use an IP Phone device in parallel to your desktop PC, thus enjoying maximum quality of FREE Voice service and full independence from any PC availability or technical expertise.

Q : What are my monthly charges?
A : Once your account has been established, you will be charged a flat monthly fee of 99 cent for the VoIPVoIP service.

Q : Is my credit card secure?
A : Yes. All the credit card payment transactions are secured. The credit card data is securely encrypted and transmitted over an encrypted SSL connection.

Q : How can I get my invoice? Or how can I view my balance?
A : An electronic payment confirmation is sent automatically to your email account just after your credit card clearance has sucesfuly confirmed.
You can check your current balance of calling time at any time by logging in the secure pages of VoIPVoIP website My Account link, under the option "My Purchases ", available only for its customers.

Q : Can I print out my invoice?
A : Yes. You can retireve a printable version of your invoices in VoIPVoIP's website under "My Account >My Purchases " pages.

Q : How do I recharge my account?
A : You can recharge your account(s) either automatically or manually.
During the order of your account you can select the initial amount of your account balance, together with the option to automatically refund your account when its credit balance drops below a minimum limit of $2. In that way you don't have to worry if you have always enough balance for your calls. Alternatively, you can choose to refund manually your account(s) by monitoring its balance. You can do that from an existing button fount in My Account > Buy Credit page.


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