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Q : How can I call any other VoIPVoIP subscriber?
A : Just as in any other telephone network you need to know the call ID, or number of the person or entity you’d like to call. VoIPVoIP offers 3 ways for call identification to its subscribers: a) Your account number, given during your sign-up process. b) Your US phone number if selected during sign-up process c) Optionally, any VoIPVoIP subscriber can request one or more E.164 compliant call numbers which could be the same as his/her home, office or mobile number! In that way you can be easily contacted through the VoIPVoIP network from any friend or associate who already knows your regular telephone numbers.

Q : Can I use my old fax machine?
A : Yes you can. You can use VoIPVoIP account for a dedicated fax lines for the same low monthly charge of 99 cents.

Q : How can any other VoIPVoIP user contact me?
A : In order to be contacted by any other VoIPVoIP user, you have to be connected to the Internet and register to the VoIPVoIP VoIP network. This can happen automatically any time you access the Net or in a 24h/day basis if connected via cable/DSL broadband connection, or any other permanent Internet access. Furthermore, the other party will need to know your VoIPVoIP call number(s) or account number or the US/international phone number you selected.

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