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Q : What are the minimum requirements for my service to work?
A : VoIPVoIP strongly recommends the use of a broadband Internet connection, of at least 128Kbps (for both upstream & downstream) priced at a fixed monthly rate. In this manner, you have 24/7 connectivity to the Internet and you can also easily use an IP Phone device in parallel to your desktop PC, thus enjoying maximum quality of FREE Voice service and full independence from any PC availability or technical expertise.

Q : What do I need to start using Internet Telephony?
A : 1) If you a have a personal or business connection to the Internet, then you will need the following: 1.) Subscribe to VoIPVoIP and obtain a user account number . 2.) Download a suitable Softphone application (either normal or enhanced) to run on your computer, thus converting your PC to a "virtual" telephone device utilizing the convergence of Telecommunication and Information technologies. -or- Purchase from our e-shop an ATA or IP phone to allow for seamless IP telephony capabilities without dependencies to your PC. You will then be ready to make or to receive calls from other VoIPVoIP subscribers, as in any regular telephone line. Alternatively, you can use a cost effective, powerful IP phone device, enjoying both exceptional voice quality and functional freedom, as you don't need a PC for your Internet Telephony communication.

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