IP Phones

IP Phones are most efficient solution for enjoying FREE or low cost Internet Telephony, either in private or professional applications.
IP Phones integrate VoIP technology into a regular-like telephone handset, offering advanced communication features.

Their major benefits include the premium voice quality, the elimination of any need for a desktop PC or other IT device or knowledge, and finally the transparency they offer to the end user from any infrastructure technology.

IP Phone products vary from affordable devices for home or small office use to pricy, advanced devices for medium and large size enterprises, able to support the total communication needs of an organization with enhanced business mgmt applications.


Sipura 841 IP Phone

The Sipura SPA-841 IP telephone can be configured as a two (2) line or, via a simple software upgrade, a four (4) line full featured business phone with pixel based graphical display, speakerphone and headset port. Stylish and functional in design, the SPA-841 can be used in residential, SOHO, enterprise and small to medium business service offerings including IP PBX, hosted IP telephony and IP Centrex.

Sipura 941 IP Phone

The Linksys/Sipura SPA-941 is a high quality, SIP based executive desk phone. Features a large, hi-res pixel display, full duplex speakerphone and up to (4) line appearances.

Cisco IP Phone 7960G

The Cisco family of IP and wireless IP phones provides a complete range of communication devices designed to take full advantage of the power of your data network, while providing the convenience and ease-of-use you've come to expect from your business phone. From the home office to the manufacturing floor, from the lobby to the executive suite, there is a Cisco IP Phone for you.


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