Softphones are applications running on Desktop, Laptop or Pocket PC devices enabling easy-to-use telephony environment for initiating and receiving calls over the public Internet or a private enterprise network.

They vary from entry level applications with limited telephony features to highly sophisticated applications with many advanced options enabling powerful Software based real-time communication centres.



X Pro

Xten's flagship application. A premium SIP-based User Agent with all the features and functionality of a small business phone system.

EyeBeam | Voice, Video & IM Softphone

Xten's long awaited Video SIP softphone application is now available. Supporting open standards for VoIP, Video and Instant Messaging.



Pocket PC SIP Softphone

PDAs and Pocket PC devices have long been used for keeping track of appointments, taking brief notes and now we are seeing dual mode Cellular + WiFi devices. Pocket PC SIP Softphone by CounterPath delivers premium voice quality, ease of use and award-winning features


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