Share our vision, become Kosmaz Affiliate & benefit from the fastest growing industry.
Direct your clients and friends to Kosmaz's web site, or encourage them to buy, and earn credit in cash.

You can easily earn up to $500 or more per week when your friends, associates or site visitors subscribe to Kosmaz Internet Telephony service.

Our intelligent affiliates' web-based management application will recognize and credit a customer purchase to your account even if such purchase occurs up to 7 days after his 1st directed visit in our site.

Who is eligible?

Anyone who operates web site(s) or portal(s) can host our banners and prompt his visitors to purchase Kosmaz's VoIP service and products.

- Personal or Commercial Web sites
- Web portals
- Internet Cafes

can become Kosmaz's affiliates in just a few minutes, without any cost or sales commitment.

You just have to fill out our affiliate's application form and follow the guidelines to download and install our banners in your site.


- No up-front cost.
- Fixed commission fee per product, in cash.
- Guaranteed revenue stream, following buys from your visitors.
- Intelligent affiliates web application to credit sales up to 7 days after visitors 1st visit to our site.
- Able to add banners and manage multiple web sites and portals using our affiliates' management application.

We offer

- Best referral fees in the market.
- Easy join process: you are just 5 minutes away from seamless profit.
- Lowest retail rates in the market.
- Special rates to certain destinations.
- Complete VoIP products portfolio and special offers for you to resell at any time.
24x7 customer care.


Corporate & Large Accounts
Strategic Partners
  ITSPs Peer Agreement

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