Provisioning & Billing analyst

Job profile

The Provisioning & Billing analyst will analyze and follow-up the operation of Kosmaz Technologies’s provisioning process and voice services billing.

Role & responsibilities

Main responsibilities of the role include:
- Confirm the proper provisioning of the new Kosmaz Technologies accounts (credit & debit ones) and handle any potential issue.
- Maintain the Kosmaz Technologies billing application, tariffs, rates, credit and debit billing plans, as used for the provisioning of the new customers.
- Confirm the alignment of carriers’ invoices with internal records of Kosmaz Technologies' billing application.
- Single point of contact with carriers’ accounting and invoicing team.
- Verify the uninterruptible automated delivery of the billing records to the customers.
- Produce billing related reports in regular and on demand basis.

Mandatory skills

Required experience and skills for successful candidates:
- 2+ years of provisioning or billing analyst experience within the telecommunications industry
- Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Excel and reports’ generation tools.
- Language: English (fluent in oral and written)

Optional skills

Availability of any of the following skills will be appreciated accordingly:
- Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics, Information Technology, or Business Administration.
- Working experience in major telecom carriers or ISPs.

Other qualities

The Provisioning & Billing analyst must have excellent communication, and co-operation skills, together with the ability and attitude to interface with other members of the team and rest areas within the organization.
Proactive thinking, fast knowledge gain and motivated by customers’ satisfaction are critical assets for a successful career development.


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Available Positions

- Provisioning & Billing analyst

- Web-based Marketing & Sales analyst

- VoIP & SIP engineer

- Voice XML applications specialist

- Customer Care agents



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