Voice XML applications specialist

Job profile

The voice XML applications specialist is expected to lead the design and development of Kosmaz Technologies's commercial voice applications.

Role & responsibilities

Main responsibilities of the role include:

- Develop Voice-driven applications and speech-based services as well as port legacy IVR and non-speech-enabled applications to the VoiceXML platform.
- Full circle development (project management, including business case development, requirement analysis, functional specification, project development timelines, application development, quality assurance and deployment) of VoiceXML applications.
- Support and maintenance of the Kosmaz Technologies IVR and VoiceXML operational applications.
- Single point of contact with Kosmaz Technologies' VoiceXML products suppliers.
- Support Kosmaz Technologies' customer care department with the customer's requests relevant to Voice-driven applications.
- Market monitoring for new products and services.

Mandatory skills

Required experience and skills for successful candidates:

- 2+ years' proven VoiceXML technology and hands-on programming experience.
- 3+ years of extensive experience on state-of-the-art programming languages and platforms, including TTS & TCL scripts.
- Experience on Cisco VoiceXML products and services.
- English (fluent in oral and written)

Optional skills

Availability of any of the following skills will be appreciated accordingly:

- BS Degree in Engineering, Information Technology or related fields.
- Cisco certified engineer.

Other qualities

The Voice XML applications specialist must have excellent communication, and co-operation skills, together with the ability and attitude to interface with other members of the team and rest areas within the organization.
Proactive thinking, fast knowledge gain and motivated by customers' satisfaction are critical assets for a successful career development.


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Available Positions

- Provisioning & Billing analyst

- Web-based Marketing & Sales analyst

- VoIP & SIP engineer

- Voice XML applications specialist

- Customer Care agents



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