Web-based Marketing & Sales analyst

Job profile

The Web-based Marketing & Sales analyst is expected to deal with Kosmaz Technologies's Web based marketing activities and sales campaigns.

Role & responsibilities

Main responsibilities of the role include:
- Planning, implementation and evaluation of marketing actions and campaigns.
- Competition and market analysis.
- Development of marketing plans, design and implementation of promotional brochures and presentations.
- Co-ordination and support of sales' promotions.
- Internet campaigns management.
- Prepare the regular marketing communication with the Kosmaz Technologies customers' base.
- Prepare the content of a monthly newsletter to the customers.

Mandatory skills

Required experience and skills for successful candidates:
- Experience on Internet based marketing and market analysis
- Experience and excellent communication skills with customers' base and target customers.
- Newsletter creation experience.
- Languages: English (fluent in oral and written)

Optional skills

Availability of any of the following skills will be appreciated accordingly:
- Bachelor's Degree in Marketing or related field.
- Knowledge of the most popular web directories
- Knowledge of Google Adwords marketing tools
- Knowledge of Yahoo Marketing Tools
- Knowledge of other major online marketing tools (specify)
- E-mails & mailing lists management experience.
- Additional languages: any or more than one of French, Spanish, Italian, German or Dutch (fluent in oral and written)

Other qualities

- The Web-based Marketing & Sales analyst must have excellent communication, and co-operation skills, together with the ability and attitude to interface with other members of the team and rest areas within the organization.
- Proactive thinking, fast knowledge gain and motivated by customers' satisfaction are critical assets for a successful career development.

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Available Positions

- Provisioning & Billing analyst

- Web-based Marketing & Sales analyst

- VoIP & SIP engineer

- Voice XML applications specialist

- Customer Care agents



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