Corporate & Large Accounts

VoIP and its associates offer VoIP and Internet Telephony solutions for medium and large size enterprises, integrating the existing legacy telephony infrastructure with next generation data and VoIP technology.

Our portfolio of Professional VoIP solutions, includes:

Centrex application (remote soft-PBX), using gateways of multiple VoIP lines and integrating VoIP Internet Telephony service in your current enterprise telephony infrastructure. Continue using your existing investment while enjoying the full benefits of Internet Telephony and the great cost saving.


- Professional IP Phones replacing your legacy telephone handsets combined with,

- Software-based VoIP PBX replacing legacy switching PBXs and integrating VoIP provided VoIP connections with your existing legacy telephone lines.

Each solution could be combined with additional services such:

- Customized calling plans for multiple accounts.

- Special and customized rates based on your monthly volume of calls.

- Web interface to manage all of your accounts and monitor in real-time the total enterprise volume.

- Range of DID numbers assigned to all or selected accounts.

- Virtual international DID numbers are available in the countries supported by VoIP and combined with Fax over IP service, could seamlessly offer professional Virtual International Office (VIO) solutions.

- Domestic or international Toll-free (0800) numbers could be forwarded to your VoIP accounts, while you offer a great service to your national and international clients.

- Dedicated voice mailbox per account, as well as virtual voice mailboxes for special use.

- Customized auto-attendant applications (voice auto-answer menu) could be easily combined with your DID or/and Toll-free numbers.



Corporate & Large Accounts
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