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Follow these steps to start using VoIP Phone Services.

1. Get an Internet Acess

For best quality it's always broadband Internet access recommended (xDSL or Cable) of more than 128K. If broadband Internet is not available or when on the road, dialup access could be used combined with high compression tools, with affordable quality.

Contact any broadband provider in your area or country. Confirm that there is not any firewall restriction applied on its connections.

2. Sign Up for VoIP account

- a subscription package for the best international rates in the market,
- calling plan for domestic calls great saving, or
- a calling card when Internet access is not available, or you are on the road.

Select any of the VoIP products suitable to your needs and get your VoIP account. Depends on your account type, bonus balance or free calling time might be included

3. Buy a VoIP device or Softphone

For best quality calls without using your PC, or even without have a PC, you can use an IP Phone or ATA (analogue terminal adapter). The Voice over the Internet service is transparent to the end user, as functionally is exactly the same like any PSTN voice service.

If you like to use your desktop or laptop PC or even your PDA, a Softphone application could be installed for initiating and receiving voice calls over the Internet.
This could be a FREE-ware, or a low cost one with enhanced features like multiple lines conference call, voicemail, etc.

Don't need when calling card is selected.

VoIP offers the best products in the market in the most competitive prices for personal or professional usage.
The devices are deliver pre-configured with your account and be ready to "plug'n'call".

VoIP offers for Free one of the best softphones in the market, under its brand, validated and pre-configured.
Professional Softphones could also be found in the VoIP eShop with a lot of advance features for more advance telecom needs.

4. Start using VoIP

As soon as your VoIP device is connected to your network or your Softphone installed in your PC, you are ready to call any other VoIP users worldwide with NO cost, as long as you like, or enjoy great saving, up to 90%, for your calls to any fixed or mobile number worldwide.

For any further information refer to our Frequently Asked Questions or contact our sales department.

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