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Kosmaz Technologies is a next generation Internet Telephony Service Provider open to the Internet community, with a mission to offer innovative voice and real time communication services to the public at very low cost.

We are a technology driven company which welcomes and encourages ideas for partnerships or collaborations with Technological Partners, Internet communities, ISPs, Universities and Research Labs.

Technological Partners: If you are a product manufacturer or software development house with a vision to offer quality and innovative communication products to the millions of Internet users, Kosmaz Technologies can become your partner for testing and validating your products or simply finding new ways to reach the market and strengthen your brand.

If you are an Internet community or an Internet Service Provider, you have the opportunity to bundle your service offering with Internet IP Telephony, a cutting edge killer application for voice. The advantages for you is that you immediately bring-in to your network value added services and create new revenue streams, improve your customer relationship and at the same time you have the opportunity to expand and co-brand your service offering to the Kosmaz Technologies pool of users. If you wish to exploring opportunities with Kosmaz Technologies don't hesitate to contact us.

As Kosmaz Technologies we are particularly interested in developing relationships with Universities, Research Labs or other players from the technology field who wish to share our vision for the next generation of internet telecommunications. We are always available to address the opportunities with you.



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