Share our vision, become VoIP Reseller & benefit from the fastest growing industry.

Resell our products under the VoIP brand and receive great commission fees, while your customers receive top-quality VoIP services at the cheapest rates.

VoIP's Internet Public Telephony & state-of-the-art technology, offers the opportunity and the framework to setup your VoIP business today and offer value added service to your customers or win new ones, without investment or with a minimum one.

VoIP takes care for the service and you start making real profit from your first sale.

Who is eligible?

Practically anyone who can address the market directly (even non telecom markets) and sell VoIP's VoIP services, can become VoIP's VAR (Value Added Reseller):

- Calling Shops
- Internet Cafes
- Wireless Access Providers (WiFi, Satellite, etc.)
- Integrators offering solutions for HW & SW
- Public Infokiosks
- ISPs & Web hosting
- Search Engine & WEB portals
- Publications & Media
- Hotels
- Electronics Consumers

Just fill out our reseller's application form and you will receive our reseller's welcome package with all the information you need to start making profit.


- No up-front cost.
- Commission that scales with your committed sales (bronze, silver & gold reseller programs).
- Online monitor of your account, credit and your total customers' buys.

We offer

- Great reseller's fees.
- Direct contact with our Business Development team.
- Lowest retail rates in the market.
- Special rates to certain destinations.
- Complete VoIP product portfolio and special offers for you to resell at any time.
- Access to VoIP's billing application so that, you can manage and monitor your clients and your success, using a flexible and friendly management tool.
- Customized users interface providing your customers real-time access to their CDRs. A minimum investment is required.
- Training on VoIP's billing and accounts monitor.
- Presales Support.
- 24x7 customer care.
- A clear and overall competitive advantage that will sustain your business growth.


Corporate & Large Accounts
Strategic Partners
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