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Kosmaz Technologies endeavor is based on technology developments enabling the realization of global real-time communications, and FREE Telephony services, circumventing the traditional costs and barriers.

In our vision, SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), as well as, the fast growth of affordable Broadband and Wireless Internet access for ALL (particularly for the residential and small size professional users) will radically change the Telecom world and business.

Based on the aforementioned technologies developments and the new signaling philosophy of protocols like SIP, the real-time communication services and quality control will move from the centralized model of PABXs and switched networks, to "peer-to-peer" communications model, based on the end user's "desktop", and principally on the new "intelligent phones" (Softphones or IP-Phones).

Kosmaz Technologies focuses on developing IP Telephony services with VoIP platform and IP PBX systems with NexPBX, both complementing each other.

Benefits for VoIP's users

• FREE ip2ip Voice around the Globe, using ATA, IP Phones or your PC running softphone.

• Low cost calls (save up to 90%) to fixed and mobile phones worldwide (to 200+ countries).

• Internet Telephony possible without using a PC.

• Transparent use of regular phones if connected on an suitable terminal adapter (ATA).

• Globally unique International Call-number(s), in several countries.
Intelligent personal voicemail when user is not available.

• Common and private VoIP User's directory.

• Wireless Internet Telephony possible combined with WiFi technology.

• Call-number(s) portability as you travel.

• Extra phone lines without new installation.

• International virtual office.


Benefits for NexPBX users

• Enhancing your telephony sturcture with features like Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Auto Attendant, Voice Mail, Unified Messaging, FAX, Call Routing, and Conference server.

• Reducing call charges drastically for IP based traffic to and from remote offices.

• Minimum Investment Risk and subsequent telephony system expansion is as simple as plugging extra handsets into your existing LAN connections.

• Installation Cost Reductions by configuring software via your corporate intranet , no need for specialist staff

• Improved Employee Productivity and Control of Telephony Traffic.

• Flexibility and Upgradeability.

• Lower cost calls (save up to 90%) to fixed and mobile phones worldwide (to 200+ countries) using with VoIP IP Telephony services.



Examples of Internet Telephony applications

• Talk for FREE to your friends and relatives abroad, as both being VoIP subscribers.

• Be notified for voicemail waiting in your personal mailbox, or receive your voicemails by email in your PC.

• Forward your incoming calls to any other VoIP, fixed, or mobile number, or to your voicemail-box, at any time upon your convenience.

• Let your aliases, associates, or clients abroad to call you in a local phone number in their country, minimising the cost for contacting you, as long as they are not Kosmaz Technologies subscribers.

• Provide your business partners and customers with toll-free number(s) in their country, offering them a non-cost solution to communicate with you.

• Let your clients calling you at any time without cost through your web site (WebCalls).

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